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Welcome to The Ducati Broker!

Buying a used motorcycle can be tricky business, and buying a used Ducati even trickier. Let The Ducati Broker manage the process for you, employing our expertise in vetting and inspecting bikes that meet your buying criteria.

Our years of multiple-model Ducati ownership and service provide an intimate familiarity with issues and characteristics common to the marque. We can minimize your exposure to known and undisclosed problems through our bike inspection service, or we can simply find and vet viable prospects based on your ideal bike.

The Ducati Broker can also help facilitate the sale of your Ducati.

"I wanted to buy a Monster forever, but was a bit intimidated by assessing the bike and the negotiation process.  Seller was asking $5000.  Ducati Broker discovered that the bike needed a lot of things replaced. He negotiated the price down to $4100.  Loved working with him.  Very professional."
- Brian, Silver Spring, MD

"Several years ago I purchased a 1999 900 SS and Ducati Broker helped me out a lot, he thoroughly inspected the bike, test drove it and gave me the thumbs up. Thanks to him I am a happy go lucky Ducatisti!"
- Paolo, Tom's River, NJ

"Ducati Broker helped me buy a very clean ST4 from a gentleman in New Jersey at a great price. He was very familiar with the bike and knew exactly what service-related questions to ask and what to look for in terms of wear and overall condition. He also suggested upgrading to Dzus fasteners for easy fairing removal down the road."
-Bart, San Francisco, CA

"Dave knows the Ducati brand so well, he saved me hours of my own time in finding the right bike!  My Monster runs strong and is extremely reliable - first class service all the way around!"
- Paul, Bernardsville, NJ

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